The only reason surfing is a sport that requires a lot of hours in the water is because there’s not such a thing as replicating the same conditions every time you go out. To get better you gotta catch more waves and ride longer. Here’s how you can get an advantage.

At the beginning of your surfing career it’s critical to spend as much time as possible on your board. If you get stuck catching no waves because of your position on the lineup, you risk to reduce your opportunities to learn to actually ride your longboard.

Check PART I of this series to help you guide smoothly through this process.

You will get a learner longboard when you want to pop up on your board as many times as possible and catch as many waves as you can. Even if you are still not perfecting your position on the line up. If you’re still working on your balance and pop up, then I do recommend to get one of these surfboard. Here my selection: 

▶︎ Soft Top 9’1 or 9’6 TORQ: my absolute fav and I used to learn on

▶︎ 8-foot soft top Joy by Almond Surfboards: great to get both worlds of gliding or noseriding

▶︎ 9-foot Foamie by Buell: catching all waves? This is it. Look no further.

You can also buy Costco boards (Wavestorm) if that’s what allows you to get in the water but in my opinion they are slow paddlers and you need to be well positioned on the lineup to catch all waves. We’ll explore lineup positioning in the upcoming videos.

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