What’s your surfing overall goal? What do you think you would like to do? How to get better at longboard surfing?

When people ask which board or fin they should get I typically respond asking: What is your goal?

When surfing a longboard you need to be aware that you cannot have it all. You have to give up something to gain something else. A board that works well for nose riding doesn’t work so well for gliding and vice versa.

SO, before purchasing your next board let’s try to answer that question that can make you a better longboard surfer:

▶︎ what goal do you have?

▶︎ Do you want to catch more waves?

▶︎ Do you want to be able to do turns and go up and down the face of the wave?

▶︎ Or do you want to get to the nose and possible do hang five or hang ten, which means five or 10 toes off the nose of the board?

I’d like to divide longboard in 3 macro categories. The learners, the gliders and the nose riders. 

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