We are working with a number of ambassadors/creators who are thrilled to join our community and share real-life examples of how they are using their Off the Wax apparel in and out of the water.

Our Community Programs terms are:

Ambassador Program

From the ambassador:

  • Creates 1 Reel OR IGTV OR Feed post (optionally on Tik Tok) + 1 IG story;
  • Sends us 10 High-Quality pictures;
  • Uses #OffTheWax in each post or story created. Off The Wax Team will.

From Off The Wax:

  • Sends the ambassador an item of their choice;
  • Uses the pictures and posts for marketing materials and sharing purposes.

Content Creator Program

From the creator:

  • 20 high-quality photos of the product (with and without model).

Please note: creators must not use profanity or mention famous influencers, if not agreed by the parties.

From Off The Wax:

  • We’ll send a set of 2-3 items of the creator’s choice (1 collection every 6 months when creators meet the requirements above).

Other ways we may use your photos: in marketing materials, share the marketing materials including the pictures provided, and reshare posts created by the creator on their profile across our social media channels as well as on offthewax.com website.