Too much I see folks surfing the wrong combination of board, fin, rail, and surfing goal. Here my 2 cents, let me know if you have any questions 🤙

We covered the learning part with the previous video on The Learner surfboard. Now we adventure to surfers who have passed the basic learning phase and are looking into more sophisticated movements with their surfboard and feet, in other words intermediate.

The critical areas of the board that determine whether the board is a glider or a nose rider are: the nose front and bottom, the tail, the fin/s, and the rocker (the dip of the board).

This is a good example of a glider surfboard that can be utilized on waves from 2-20ft due to the fin setup that has been installed and tail thickness. Pin and thick tail, quad setup as well as single fin for ease of use, quite a rocker, non concave bottom nose.  If this board had a single fin setup only it could have still been a glider but not taken on waves over 8ft.

Usually for a glider you want to use a fin that has good flexibility like this one as opposed to nose riding where you’d use a completely different fin.

Too often I see people trying to nose ride with the wrong board and wrong fin. I was one of them. We’ll explore The Nose Riders in the next episode.

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